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We’ve completed various home extension projects over the last 4 decades in St Albans, Harpenden, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City and throughout the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, value for money design and build services in the local area.

Extending our reputation in the locale

Offering a smooth and professional building service is at the heart of what we do. Our project management skills enable us to effectively plan and deliver all of our services to a high-level. You’ll be clearly communicated to regarding timeframes, costs and the progress of your project. We pride ourselves in leaving a lasting impression with our customers, and this has led to word of mouth recommendations and repeat business throughout our years of service.

Types of house extensions

Whether you need a kitchen extension, or a single or a double-storey extension, our fully qualified team has the skills and expertise to deliver a top-quality result, every time. We have experience in completing the following types of extensions works, but regardless of your project, we’d welcome the opportunity to offer our services to you:

Single storey extension
Front house extension
Ground floor extension
Double storey side extension
Rear house extensions
Kitchen extensions
Garage extension
Porch extension
Conservatory extension
Basement extension

Why an extension may benefit you

Extensions are a fantastic way to increase the living space or to build additional rooms within your property boundary. Extensions can be beneficial for personal and commercial properties alike in the following ways:

Family home Extensions

If you’ve outgrown your family home or you feel that you need some additional space, adding an extension to your property can be a cost-effective and less stressful undertaking than purchasing a new property.

Property to let extensions

Building an extension on to your property can help to attract high-earning tenants, and means that you can charge a higher monthly rental figure to live in your property.

Commercial building extensions

If you’re operating a commercial building such as a care home, extensions can offer additional spaces to residents and improve their experience in your facility.

Property development Extensions

Adding an extension is a great way to increase the value of a property. If you’re purchasing a property to make a profit, then considering how you can utilise extensions to demand a higher figure can help your profitability.

Home extension design

We have extensive experience in designing residential and commercial building extensions, and our network of skilled designers will work with you to produce a feasible solution that both meets your needs and adheres to local building regulations. We're flexible in the way we work; either utilise our experience to draw up your project or contact us with your pre-approved designs, and we'll advise you on the cost to carry out the works.

Our Design Service

Cost of building an extension

Every extension project is unique; the cost depends on the space being extended and the scope of the works. We strive to achieve all design and build services in an efficient manner, taking into account your specific requirements, available space and local building regulations during the planning stage. 

Do you have a space that needs transforming?

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion to discuss the options available to you.

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Alternatives to house extensions

If you're considering undertaking building works on your house to either improve, rework or expand, we offer various services to bring your ideas to life. We can advise you on the most feasible and cost-effective solution for your goals if you're unsure of what's the best option for you. Aside from extensions, we offer the following property build services:


If you have an outdated space or area that you would like to be revitalised to create a new look or feel, we can design and renovate your area and make your space feel like new.


Our conversion services transform existing areas into new spaces with different purposes. Do you have an area such as an attic or garage that you’d like transformed into a living space? We can help


Refurbish your home, building or commercial space and create something new. With over 70 years of management experience, we understand what's needed to complete high-quality refurbishment projects.

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We have over 35 years of expertise in building and improving a wide range of spaces. We possess the expertise to design and install the following areas of any property or home to a high and efficient standard.

Full House
Living Room