Renovation contractors in Hertfordshire

We've successfully renovated buildings in the Hertfordshire area in the past 35 years. We offer the entire solution from concept to design and construction. Our experience means that we can offer customers professional and hassle-free design and build services.

Our approach to renovation works

For all renovation works, we utilise our ability to plan, fulfil and project manage builds to offer an unparalleled service. Our business has grown from the relationships we've built with customers over our history, and we pride ourselves on leaving a lasting impression. We encourage open communication throughout the project to ensure you always know how your renovation works are progressing.

Types of renovation works

Our team is highly qualified and boasts experience in completing a range of renovation works. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality results and working with customers to help them achieve their renovated building or space. We offer renovation in the following areas, but welcome all opportunities for renovation works:

Old house renovation
Ground floor renovations
Second floor renovations
Exterior house renovation
Cottage renovation
Commercial renovations
Home renovations
Bungalow renovation
Living room renovation
Kitchen renovations
Bathroom renovations
Bedroom renovation

Why a renovation may benefit you

Renovations will transform your old buildings and spaces into modern areas. They represent an opportunity to use your available space in the way you see fit, allowing you to plan the space in a different way, or making structural changes to create a superior end result. If you're dissatisfied with your building, renovation works can be an alternative to purchasing a new property, and it's often a more cost-effective solution.

Family home renovations

Renovating areas of your home gives you the opportunity to create a space in exactly the way you'd like it. Renovation works can be a much cheaper alternative to purchasing a house while still offering many of the benefits that come from a new home.

Property to let renovations

Investing in your properties to let can help you to demand more rent, meaning you can recoup the cost throughout your rental periods. Offering modern and rejuvenated spaces can also help to attract and retain your tenants for long periods.

Commercial building renovations

Commercial buildings, such as a company offices, can benefit from being updated from time to time. Due to advances in equipment and demands in commercial buildings, renovation works can help you to remain competitive and offer services through design that you otherwise could not.

Property development renovations

Carrying out renovation works can be the perfect way to breathe new life into a property you plan on selling for a profit. Outdated or older buildings may not be making the most use of space, and we can apply modern solutions to transform the building.

Renovating Run-down buildings

Dated buildings that require extensive structural and furnishing works can be renovated to their previous glory. We can help to capture the charm of the dated building within our design or create an entirely modern solution that complements the dated structure.

Design and renovate

We've collaborated with a network of skilled designers, of whom we can call upon for standalone design services to allow you to have a single company undertake the entire project.

This can increase efficiencies throughout the renovation and makes the transition between design and build seamless. If you already have a design for renovation works, we also offer our installation and building works as a standalone service.

Our Design Service

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Commercial renovation

Whether you require help in getting a new business premises off to a flying start or you would like to give your existing works space a well needed makeover, we provide a wide range of services and experience tailored to suit your companies needs. Our commercial experience includes: refurbishment of offices and communal spaces, retail spaces, barn conversions, outbuilding works, traditional and contemporary accommodation. Our diverse and skilled team has allowed us to offer full services including:

Initial Advice
Design consultation
Plans for building regulations
Project Management
Office furniture
Groundworks & maintenance

Alternatives to renovations

Renovation works involve the updating of dated spaces, or refurbishment of an area into a more practical solution for the homeowner's needs. Renovation can be a fantastic way to create the look and feel or a new home, without having to go through the process of selling and purchasing a new property. If you're interested in our building services for home improvement, view your other options for transforming spaces:


Extensions offer a solution for increasing the living space within your home without having to purchase a larger property. They can transform personal and commercial buildings and increase the value of your building.


Our conversion services transform existing areas into new spaces with different purposes. Do you have an area such as an attic or garage that you’d like transformed into a living space? We can help.


Refurbish your home, building or commercial space and create something new. With over 70 years of management experience, we understand what's needed to complete high-quality refurbishment projects.