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Garage conversions Hertfordshire

Converting garages into dream spaces

We offer a range of garage design and build services that can be adapted around your needs and available space. Our garage conversion services can change the functionality of your garage space, matched to your needs. Alternatively, If you have space to build on to your existing property walls, you may have the option to have a garage extension installed and expand your home or building. Or, if your garage isn’t fit for purpose and needs a complete rethink, our garage renovation services offer smart solutions to existing spaces. No matter what your situation is, we'll advise you on the best solution to create your new garage space.

Garage conversion Hertfordshire

If you have a garage space with an end-result in mind, we can help to make it a reality. We offer the following garage conversion services, and we welcome anyone to get in touch with us if they require a bespoke solution for their garage space.

Garage to Gym Conversion

One of our most popular services is providing garage to gym conversions across a wide variety of different property types. At Beswick we can both work with your supplied garage to gym plans, or offer you access to our extensive network of professional designers to bring you a high-quality garage gym conversion that transforms your space into something unique.

Convert Garage to Office

We can also provide a service to you that transforms your old garage into a brand new, uniquely-designed office space. We convert garages to offices through our intuitive process that works flexibly with all types of garages and plans, to bring you a smart solution that brings the best out of your unused garage area.

Convert Garage to Living Space

Another popular use of our service is to convert garages to living spaces. At Beswick we can convert garages to living spaces, from bedrooms and lounge areas, to separate flats and apartments. Our garage renovation services and design team will work with what you have to transform your garage into a brand new creation.

Residential & Commercial Garage Solutions

Our residential & commercial garage solutions are not limited to any one type of garage conversion; whatever ideas you have for your new space, we will work with you to bring it into reality. Whether you can see your garage as a space as an entertainment hub, (like a games room or home cinema), or as a utility space (such as a bathroom or kitchen) our reliable design team will bring you the commercial garage solution you’re looking for.

Garage design services

Garage conversion, extension or renovation works require a design before the build can commence. The design process ensures that your build is safe and that the end result meets your expectations. We offer a network of skilled designers to the table, where we’ll work with you and consider how to transform your unique space, with considerations for lighting, interior finishing, electrical outlets etc.

Garage build services

We have been providing high-quality garage build services in Hertfordshire for over 35 years. With the option to utilise our design services or provide us with the plans, our services are flexible around your needs. We carry out works on a variety of properties and building types from personal homes to commercial buildings. If you have a project in mind, get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have.

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