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Garden Design & Landscaping Hertfordshire

Idyllic Garden Spaces

We offer both soft and hard garden design and landscaping services in Hertfordshire.

Whether you need shrubbery, trees, flower beds, or structural works such as walls, fences and paths, we have a multitude of solutions available. Outhouse buildings and summer houses are also popular additions that we can incorporate into your garden space, or if you’re a professional working from home, get in touch to discuss home workplace solutions.

Residential & commercial garden landscaping

Our extensive design, build and project management experience allows us to undertake both small scale residential and large scale commercial projects. Using our existing network and internal processes we can save time throughout the various planning stages and produce a high-quality result built around your needs. We’re also able to help and advise you on your garden design, or work with your chosen garden designer to bring everything together to create your ideal garden, with extension considerations too. Some example features to consider include: 

Patio Installation

At Beswick Building, we recognise that a brand new patio can make for an excellent addition to your garden’s design, and one of our most popular garden design and landscaping solutions is the installation of these patios. Our expert team can bring you a bespoke patio that fits the design and style of any garden.

Outbuilding Design

Outbuildings and summer houses are another of the most popular services we provide for your garden spaces. Get in touch with Beswick Builders and we’ll bring you tailor-made summerhouses and outbuildings for your requirements that add to the overall design of your gardens and make your gardens stand out from the crowd.

Garden Fence Installation

Beswick Building is also a reliable installer of garden fencing. Our garden fence installation service is designed to be flexible; we work with all of our customers to bring you unique garden fencing solutions that match exactly what you were looking for, and can work with a wide range of different materials and garden designs.

Paving Installation

At Beswick Building, we pride ourselves on the high quality paving installation projects that we have completed. Our experts work to the highest standards to bring you a paving installation for your garden refurbishment that enhances the overall design of your garden, with a huge variety of bespoke paving options to choose from.

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Our garden design services can turn your garden space into your personal haven. By working internally with our build team, we can understand the feasibility of any design as it is developed. From here, we can advise on what is possible given your space and offer you some smart solutions we've picked up over the years. Our expertise comes from utilising your space is the most effective way; if there are elements of a garden you must-have, we'll find a way to make it work.

Our garden landscaping services can be offered with a pre-approved design, or follow on from our network of skilled designers. Sourcing the correct materials, managing the development of the project and communicating with you is at the heart of our garden landscaping projects.Understand your needs is paramount to us; whether you'd like to sit back and leave everything to us, or if you'd like full-involvement in the process; understanding our clients' needs and adapting our service to yous at the heart of what we do.

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