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To get started on any project, we require design plans and the relevant planning permissions, preferably in the form of a full building regulations package. This outlines the scopes of the work and ensures that you know what you’ll be getting, as well as helping us to provide an accurate and reliable quotation of works. Although we do not offer in-house design services, we have developed a network of trusted local professionals who will work with you to develop these plans.

Home & building design process

We’ve detailed a 6 step process to help you understand what’s involved during the design stage and why detailed plans are important to consider before any works can begin.

Step 1: Contact us

If you know you’ll be needing design services, please get in touch with us and we’ll help you find a designer suited to your specific project. The design stage usually consists of an initial consultation to review your property and the space in question.

You’ll be provided with a formal fee quotation that details how much the design works may cost you to be completed, with considerations for how feasible the design will be, local planning regulations, and other factors that impact the works taking place.

Step 2: Site survey

When you are happy to proceed with the designer, you’ll be issued your first invoice and a site visit will be arranged within 10 working days at a time suitable and convenient for you. Full access to the property will be required to allow the designer to undertake a full measured survey. You’ll then be provided with detailed plans and elevation drawings of your existing property which help to formalise the design plans.

Step 3: Feasibility proposal

The feasibility proposal considers your requirements and any regulations in place that need to be adhered to. You will usually be provided with up to 2 design options and be able to make 2 revisions, however this does vary per designer. Your design will be presented to you in a format where it is ready for submission to the relevant authorities.

Local authorities typically take 2 weeks to validate an application, followed by a further 8 weeks before their decision is issued. In the case that an application is refused, you'll be advised on a further quotation to redesign the proposal in-line with the planning department's recommendations.

Step 4: Statutory applications

Your feasibility design will then be submitted for either a Householder Planning Application or Certificate of Lawfulness, depending on the available permitted development rights of the property and the proposed works. The following may also be prepared where necessary:

Planning Consultant instruction
Design and Access Statement
Heritage Statement (in the case of Listed Buildings)
Planning Statements

You’ll then receive a stage 2 invoice detailing all relevant application fees and any documents required by the local authority. This will need to be paid before your application can proceed, as buildings works cannot commence without prior approval from the planning authorities.

Step 5: Construction information

Once planning approval has been granted, you will need to confirm that you’re happy for the construction drawing production to begin. These drawings include all of the Building Regulation information required. Trusted 3rd party professionals, such as structural engineers, will be appointed to assist with all other required documentation, such as foundation reports.

Following the completion of construction drawings, they’ll be submitted to Local Authority Building Control as either Full Plans or a Building Notice. When everything has been confirmed, an estimator will prepare a quantified schedule of works with the final contract price for your consideration.

Step 6: Build

When you’re ready to begin the works, we’ll be back in touch to discuss the build completion and set out a project schedule. If you did not opt for a designer from our network, or you already have pre approved designs, then this isn’t a problem either, just get in touch and we'll advise you on what next steps to take.

Commercial building design

The commercial building design process closely follows the one detailed above. However, due to the size of commercial projects, additional elements must be considered. We have long-standing working relationships with a number of specialist external consultants that we can utilise to create a project team that covers the following specialisms:

Health and Safety
Lighting Designers
Interior Designers
Structural Engineers
Quantity Surveyors
Mechanical and Electrical Engineers

Not all projects will require a team of this size, and we can adapt to your requirements. We can also provide you with 3D visualisations and walkthroughs of your commercial building project.

spaces that we develop

Using our trusted network of associates, we can project manage, design and build services for both residential and commercial works for a variety of building types and spaces such as the following:

Loft conversions
Garage conversions
Garden landscaping works 
Home kitchen and bathroom designs
Structural repair works  
Temporary works structures
Structural steelworks and knock throughs
Garden buildings/offices
Listed building works
Office and retail fit-out 

We can also complete builds from detailed design drawings which include, but are not limited to, interior designs, garden landscaping and mechanical & electrical layouts.

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We have over 35 years of expertise in building and improving a wide range of spaces. We possess the expertise to style and install the following areas of any property or home to a high and efficient standard.

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