Refurbishment Contractors In Hertfordshire

For the past 35 years we’ve been successfully refurbishing buildings and homes in the wider Hertfordshire area. With a high level of experience in delivering various refurbishment concepts and solutions, we can offer all of our customers a service that is easy and hassle-free.

Our Approach to Refurbishment Projects

We pride ourselves on delivering the same, high-quality approach to all of our home refurbishment projects, with a keen focus on planning, managing and delivering an unmatched service. We work closely with all of our customers to build the right relationships, with open communication and transparency, so that your refurbishment project runs smoothly and remains stress-free.

Types of Refurbishment Projects

Our team is highly-qualified and boasts experience in completing many different refurbishment projects. We pride ourselves on breathing new life into older properties and homes and consistently delivering high-quality results. We offer refurbishment in the following areas, but are open to all opportunities that come our way:

Home Refurbishments
Full Building Refurbishments
Cottage Refurbishments
Garage refurbishments
conservatory refurbishments
living room refurbishments
Bungalow refurbishments
kitchen refurbishments

Why a Refurbishment may Benefit you

No matter the size of the refurbishment project you have in mind for your home or property, our service provides you the opportunity to turn your vision into a reality. A complete refurbishment service can bring several benefits to your projects, especially in the following scenarios:

Home Refurbishments

With our service you can easily refurbish different areas of your home to create newer, more interesting and more practical spaces. A well-delivered home refurbishment can breathe new life into spaces like your kitchen, living rooms and anything else you can think of.

Commercial Refurbishments

Our service allows you to refurbish areas of your commercial property to make better use of your workfloor or office space. At Beswick Building, we take the time to evolve your office space with one of our commercial refurbishments, by taking the time to understand your business goals and ethos.

Refurbishment Design Consultations

With every single one of our home and building refurbishment projects, we can match you up with one of the many skilled designers in our local network of trusted professionals. These designers will take the time to understand what you’re looking to achieve and can effortlessly bring your refurbishment project to fruition.

New Property Refurbishment

Are you in the process of developing, renovating or converting an old property into an entirely new space? With our property refurbishments, we can help you complete your project to a standard you’ll be proud of.

Refurbishment Design

Over the past 70 years we have developed a network of trusted designers who all have the skills and qualifications necessary to bring your designs to life. We will utilise our network of trusted industry designers to ensure the best possible result for you and your refurbishment design project.

The advantages of this approach to your refurbishment design, are that we can easily match your design ambitions to the designer that is the best fit for your project. What’s more, if you don’t yet have the necessary planning permissions and design ideas to work off of, we can pair you up with a designer that can provide you with all of this, making your project much more streamlined and smoother from beginning to end.



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Alternatives to Refurbishments

Our refurbishment projects are a great step towards taking your old, outdated properties and updating them into a more practical space for homeowners and business-owners alike. We also have on offer a wide range of additional build services that work in tandem with our refurbishment processes to create the look and feel of a new property; which you can view below:


If you have an outdated space or area that you would like to be revitalised to create a new look or feel, we can design and renovate your area and make your space feel like new.


Our conversion services transform existing areas into new spaces with different purposes. Do you have an area such as an attic or garage that you’d like transformed into a living space? We can help


Extensions offer a solution for increasing the living space within your home without having to purchase a larger property. They can transform commercial and personal buildings and increase the value of your space.

Explore our Spaces

We have over 35 years of expertise in building and improving a wide range of spaces. We possess the expertise to design and install the following areas of any property or home to a high and efficient standard.

Full House
Living Room