Convert your loft to a bedroom or office

A loft conversion can give you the space for an extra bedroom - an office or a games or hobby room - and we can take the whole project through from beginning to end – the planning, building and installation of services to the final decoration.

Free loft conversion consultation

During our free initial consultation, we’d inspect the roof space to make sure it’s suitable for conversion to a loft room.  We take into account the height and pitch of the roof, the siting of the staircase, whether there are any obstacles in the roof space, like a water tank or a chimney stack, and whether the structure can take the extra weight of the conversion.

Planning permission isn’t always needed for a loft conversion but it’s best to approach your local planning department for clarification. Building Regulation approval is always a requirement though, and regular inspections are made during the project to make sure all is going to plan.

Loft conversion cost

This always depends on the complexity of your loft conversion design.

Roof light Conversion

The least expensive would be a rooflight conversion – this would involve fitting one or two Velux windows into the sloping roof, reinforcing the floor, adding a staircase, stud walls and insulation.

Dormer loft extension

A dormer loft extension is the most popular in Britain today. It’s a flat roofed extension and it extends the usable floor area of the loft, at the same time bringing extra light in to the room. You could have one or two dormers fitted, depending on the amount of space you need.

Hip-to-gable loft conversion

A hip-to-gable loft conversion is another way of gaining more usable floor space for a loft room. It involves removing the side roof section, extending the ridge and building up the end wall to form a new vertical gable. Most houses apart from mid-terraced can be converted in this way, and the added roof space is perfect for providing the height needed for a new staircase.

Mansard Conversion

A mansard conversion, although less common than the other choices, maximizes the habitable space in your new loft.

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